The Foxhole with Father Kapaun

A podcast for those fighting on the frontlines of faith

Inspired by Servant of God Emil Kapaun, heroic Catholic Priest, and Medal of Honor Army Chaplain, we offer encouragement by connecting you with people all over the world who are living the Gospel in simple yet extraordinary ways. The battle for souls rages around us; we’re here to offer you inspiration and strength.
Produced by Kapaun’s Men.
We’ve taken a break from making current episodes, but we hope you enjoy our library of inspiration. Maybe we’ll resurrect this again in the future!

The Battle for the Church: Fr. Curtis Hecker
  Should we be shocked that the Church and followers of Christ are misunderstood and under attack? St. Peter, and even Jesus himself, tell us that this is part of… Read More
The Battle for Family: Bishop Carl Kemme
  It’s the solemnity of St. Joseph (March 19th), and we’re talking about the Battle for Families with Bishop Carl Kemme of the Diocese of Wichita. Even before Pope Francis… Read More
Bonus Episode! Finding Father Kapaun
  Father Kapaun’s remains have been identified! Okay, you’ve probably already heard about this, but we’re still ecstatic about the news. In this bonus episode, we talk with Father Kapaun’s… Read More
The Battle for Light: Fr. John Lanzrath
  There’s a battle that’s fought in all of our hearts, a battle between light and darkness. Father John Lanzrath of the Diocese of Wichita joins us to discuss this… Read More
The Battle for Balance: Fr. Stephen Felicichia
  Father Stephen is a former West Point Grad and Artillery Officer in the US Army. He’s now a Catholic Priest, and he joins us today to talk about Jesus’… Read More
The Battle for Marriage: Father Daniel Scheidt
  The evil one hates communion and harmony. He wants to divide, and the thing he wants to divide most is the vowed union of marriage. But God is on… Read More
The Battle for Identity: Father Royce Gregerson
  Jesus went into the desert and faced temptation. The devil attacked his identity. As long as we’re in the Battle, the same will be true for us. Father Royce… Read More
The Battle: Lent in The Foxhole
  We at Kapaun’s Men are teaming up with the men of Rekindle the Fire in the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend for an 8-week Lenten Podcast Series called “The… Read More
Mission and Memorares: President Steve Minnis of Benedictine College – Corrected Audio
  “We want our students to live the mission while they’re here, but the reason we want them to do it is so they will live the mission after they… Read More
Courage is Contagious: Fr. Drew Hoffman
  Viruses aren’t the only things that are contagious: courage is too. Plus, a tournament of saints? Father Drew Hoffman is an associate chaplain at St. Isidore’s Catholic Student Center… Read More
Yes Catholic: David Patterson
  “I was walking up these steps, but I fell flat on my face. And when I looked up I realized I was on the property of St. Peter in… Read More
An Interview with The Foxhole’s Own Scott Carter
  Joe sits down with Scott Carter, Coordinator for Father Kapaun’s Cause and of Kapaun’s Men, to talk about his own faith, what motivates him about Father Kapaun’s life and… Read More