The Foxhole with Father Kapaun

A podcast for those fighting on the frontlines of faith

Inspired by Servant of God Emil Kapaun, heroic Catholic Priest, and Medal of Honor Army Chaplain, we offer encouragement by connecting you with people all over the world who are living the Gospel in simple yet extraordinary ways. The battle for souls rages around us; we’re here to offer you inspiration and strength.
Produced by Kapaun’s Men.
We’ve taken a break from making current episodes, but we hope you enjoy our library of inspiration. Maybe we’ll resurrect this again in the future!

Why Not Me with Colonel Douglas Thomas, US Army
  Colonel Douglas Thomas is using his faith and six principles to aggressively push back against a foe that does not wear a uniform. His battle against cancer has been… Read More
Fight for Milk: Tyler Blanski
  In his own words, Tyler Blanski went from a granola-crunching spiritualist to embracing whole-heartedly the Catholic faith- and his vocation as a Catholic father. Embracing his vocation was freeing,… Read More
9 Minutes, No Heartbeat: Nick Dellasega
  This is a story of Father Kapaun’s intercession. Ten years ago Nick Dellasega was 26, a former athlete in great shape, running a 5k race, when suddenly his heart… Read More
Following the Breadcrumbs: Liz Sams & Janine McGann
  The Church needs both men and women to be at their best for her mission to succeed, but what if we’re trying too hard to be something we don’t… Read More
Tim Knittig: Finding God Outdoors
  “You see these beautiful sceneries that God has created- you’ve gotta believe that anything is possible.” Tim Knittig has been influenced by a lot of saints in his life.… Read More
Medal of Honor Recipient Patrick Brady
  Major General Pat Brady flew over 2500 combat missions as a “Dust Off” air ambulance pilot in Vietnam. With his crew, he rescued over 5000 men. Recognized with the… Read More
Kiss your wives and grab your Rosaries: Adam Wright
  “Get me my weapon. Get me my rosary.” Adam Wright is the host of Roadmap to Heaven, a Catholic Radio show based in St. Louis. He’s passionate about the… Read More
Why do brown bears eat yellow flowers? Dave Kelly
  We’re joined in The Foxhole by Dave Kelly, a cancer survivor who tells us about devastating news, a simple prayer, and an amazed doctor. Oh, and why do brown… Read More
Integrated Business: Father Nathaniel Haslam
  Father Nathaniel Haslam had great ambitions of becoming a multi-billion dollar CEO when younger, but God had different ideas. Now as a priest he is a spiritual director to… Read More
Vice Admiral Jim Crawford
  “Often we see people like Father Kapaun and we wonder, ‘How can I ever measure up?’ But it doesn’t require that. Simple acts of kindness can have extraordinary effects… Read More
Warriors on the Way: Fr. Steven Rindahl
  Like St. Ignatius or St. Francis, Fr. Steven Rindahl went from a soldier who yearned for battle to a soldier of God in the battle for souls. Hear his… Read More
All in for Jesus: Joseph Miller of Family Missions Company
  “The great commission, this mission of the Church, is still in its infancy. Jesus leaves the Church with one thing: the great commission, to go and make disciples.” There… Read More