The Battle for Marriage: Father Daniel Scheidt


The evil one hates communion and harmony. He wants to divide, and the thing he wants to divide most is the vowed union of marriage. But God is on our side, and he gives us the weapons to fight for our spouses and the good of society.

Father Daniel Scheidt, Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the perfect person to lead us in the Battle for Marriage, having studied at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family in Washington, DC, as well as having much practical wisdom from his own family and the inspiring men and women he has served as a shepherd of souls. This is an episode you’ll want to listen to over and over again to soak in Father Daniel’s great insights.

“The evil one is incapable of emerging from himself: he is totally self-absorbed. Marriage reverses that. Marriage is being taken out of oneself for the other person. And of course, the paradox is the more I allow my life to be given as a gift the more myself I become.”

Weekly Challenge:

Continue to say the Prayer to St. Michael

Think and pray about one way you and your spouse can grow closer together, talk about it, and put a plan into place to do it.