The Foxhole with Father Kapaun

A podcast for those fighting on the frontlines of faith

Inspired by Servant of God Emil Kapaun, heroic Catholic Priest, and Medal of Honor Army Chaplain, we offer encouragement by connecting you with people all over the world who are living the Gospel in simple yet extraordinary ways. The battle for souls rages around us; we’re here to offer you inspiration and strength.
Produced by Kapaun’s Men.
We’ve taken a break from making current episodes, but we hope you enjoy our library of inspiration. Maybe we’ll resurrect this again in the future!

Father Kapaun Comes Home This Week!
The Kapaun family and a delegation from Wichita are on their way to Hawaii to receive Father Kapaun’s remains and accompany them back to Wichita.  We’re joined in this episode… Read More
Honoring the Fallen: Tim Frank of Arlington National Cemetery
Tim Frank has been an historian at Arlington National Cemetery since January 2015 and is responsible for maintaining the Arlington National Cemetery research collection, briefing visiting dignitaries on ANC history… Read More
Friendship with Father Kapaun: Jason Searl
The Chairman of Kapaun’s Men joins us in the hot seat for this episode of The Foxhole, and he continues the great conversation about Father Kapaun’s homecoming.  Listen to hear… Read More
The Ordeal of Chaplain Kapaun: Fr. Matt Pawlikowski
It’s the most impactful article ever written about Father Emil Kapaun, but it’s likely you’ve never encountered it.  Featured in the Saturday Evening Post, an enormously popular magazine, the article… Read More
At Home with Joe Dellasega
Joe Farris is joined today by Joe Dellasega, whose life has become very entwined with Father Kapaun.  Joe shares about the origins of Kapaun’s Men, how Father Kapaun’s miraculous intercession… Read More
The Resurrection of the Dead: Fr. John Lanzrath
We say it every Sunday in the Creed, but sometimes it takes a tangible reminder to let it sink in: our bodies are destined for resurrection. We’re joined in The… Read More
When They Bring Your Body Home: Jack Korbel
  The first episode in our Father Kapaun Comes Home Series, where we will be highlighting Father Kapaun’s story and preparing for the return of his remains at the end… Read More
Surprised by the Lord: Mikey Needleman
Don’t miss the moments where God is at work in your life.  Joe Farris speaks with musician Mikey Needleman about the terrors of going full time with his band right… Read More
Communication is Key: Laura Camacho
Joe is joined by Laura Camacho, corporate strategist and consultant, who gets straight to the point: communication is at the heart of our relationships, our work and our Catholic life,… Read More
Imparting History: Joe Hughes
A former history teacher of the year, Joe Hughes joins Joe Farris in The Foxhole to talk about making an impact on young people and why history is so important… Read More
For No Other Reason Than to Please God: John Christensen
Joe is joined in The Foxhole by John Christensen of Loyola Press, who bucks the appearances and gets real about the challenges of middle age, including not feeling like he… Read More
Open Hands: Katherine Plucinsky
  Do we go through life fighting the things that make us uncomfortable, or do we trust in God’s plans for us?  Joe interviews Katherine Plucinsky, a young Catholic author… Read More