The Story of Chaplain Kapaun Book


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As pastor of St. John Nepomucene parish in Pilsen, Father Kapaun’s home parish, Father Arthur Tonne was inspired to write the first book about Father Kapaun.  The book provides great insight into the mind and heart of Father Kapaun, and features first-hand material about his early life as well as his priestly and military ministry.

From the Book Cover:

“Daring and devoted, Father Kapaun gave his all for the men who were imprisoned with him in North Korea.  ‘He saved my life,’ was the statement of hundreds who were dragged from the battlefield by him, who were nursed back to health, fed with the food he had ‘stolen,’ who were given the will to live and the hope of freedom by this kindly priest.

All creeds, colors and classes shared in the kindness and inspiration of this man of God.

100% man, an inspiration, a saint.

No praise is too great from the men who were with him.  Reading the story of Chaplain Kapaun will inspire you.”