A Shepherd in Combat Boots Book


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A well-documented biography of Medal of Honor Recipient Chaplain Emil Kapaun and the events that led to his place in history.  The author, William Maher is a former Army Counter Intelligence Corps member and newspaper journalist who writes about Father Kapaun’s cheerful and heroic service at home and during his time as an Army Chaplain, both in World War II and the Korean War.

From the Book Cover:
“TRY TO ESCAPE, the American soldiers warned Catholic Chaplain Emil Kapaun.  However, he refused to leave his wounded comrades and became a POW.  His decision marked a turning point in the inspiring life of this young priest.

Kapaun’s faith and courage on the battlefield and in prison set an example for hundreds of young American captives.  When they were starving, he stole food for them.  If the men needed encouragement, he defied prison rules and prayed with them.  When the communist guards mocked his faith in God, the chaplain publicly defended his beliefs.

When Kapaun became sick, the communists denied him medicine and watched him die in their vermin-infested ‘hospital’.  However, they could not extinguish the memories of how he served other prisoners.  This book is a well-documented biography of an extraordinary person.”