Following the Breadcrumbs: Liz Sams & Janine McGann


The Church needs both men and women to be at their best for her mission to succeed, but what if we’re trying too hard to be something we don’t have to? That’s where Liz and Janine come in. They’ve created Project Light Ministries as a way to speak God’s truth to what it means to be a Christian man or woman, and it’s had powerful effects. Their first film, Speaking to Sparrows, has touched the hearts of women across the country, and their newest project, The Fourth Man, is set to release on September 29th. It will seek to counter the work of our current culture that tries to distort and even uproot masculinity. Instead, it will show us that authentic, heroic Christian masculinity is possible.

How did two women end up producing a film for men? They followed the breadcrumbs…

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