What Though the Odds: Haley Scott DeMaria


Haley’s story is one not only of overcoming the odds but of the power of prayer and love of a faith community. What began as a tragedy on the way back from a college swim meet became a remarkable true story of how God led Haley into the Catholic Church and how He continues to lead her on her pilgrimage of life.

Haley joins us in The Foxhole to discuss this life-changing moment and the ways that she tries to use it to encourage others on their own journeys.

“It didn’t matter if I never walked again. It didn’t matter if I didn’t swim again. It didn’t matter that I had only been on campus 5 months as a student- I was a part of this family, and I was a part of this community of faith. Whatever it was going to be, I was going to be okay because I was a part of that community.”

Check out Haley’s Book, What Though the Odds, and more at www.HaleyBook.com.