On Pilgrimage with Fr. Kapaun: Fr. Eric Weldon


Father Eric Weldon, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, in Colwich, KS is the founder of the annual “Father Kapaun Walk”. This journey starts in Wichita, and progresses on foot for over 60 miles, to Father Kapaun’s hometown of Pilsen, KS. Over the last decade, thousands of pilgrims have walked the 4-day journey, with hundreds making the pilgrimage each year. Learn the inspiration and origins of the pilgrimage, and how sacred, and sacrificial acts can bring you closer to our Lord. Father Eric shares a very similar background to our podcast’s namesake, having served in the US Army, as well as being a brother priest to Fr. Kapaun. He also talks about the significance of the recent news regarding finding Fr. Kapaun, and how this year a record number of pilgrims are expected to lace up their shoes to join on this holy journey.