Medal of Honor 10 Year Anniversary

We’re celebrating 10 Years of Father Emil Kapaun being a Medal of Honor Recipient!

On April 11, 2013, after 60 years of ceaseless advocating by his fellow soldiers and prisoners of war, Chaplain Emil Kapaun was awarded our nation’s highest award for valor for his actions at the Battle of Unsan, North Korea, Nov 1-2, 1950.  Father Kapaun’s nephew Ray received the award on his uncle’s behalf.

Chaplain Kapaun is one of 5 chaplains since the Civil War- all Catholic priests- to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

9 of Kapaun’s fellow Prisoners of War were in attendance at the ceremony and received a standing ovation for the ordeal they faced, as well as their role in sharing Father Kapaun’s story.  This included Mike Dowe, who was one of the most vociferous in support of Father Kapaun, as well as Bob McGreevy, one of the first to pray to Father Kapaun in the Prison Camp, Paul Roach, Joe Ramirez, who was baptized by Father Kapaun earlier in the war, and Herb Miller, whose life Father Kapaun saved at Unsan.


The Medal is very rare, with less than 0.01% of combat troops receiving the award.  It is awarded only for the most courageous and often sacrificial acts while engaged in battle.

More than just a recognition of a moment in time, the Medal represents core values that make its bearers and our nation unique: courage, sacrifice, patriotism, and more.

Learn more about the extraordinary nature of the award and the mission of mercy which led Chaplain Kapaun to be recognized with it on our new Medal of Honor webpage!